In the world of international affairs, reconstruction and stabilization, the most prized commodity is deep field experience combined with policy expertise. That’s what I bring: front-line conflict, crisis management and negotiating experience — gained over two decades — combined with first-rate political judgment.

Secretary of State Clinton praised my role in leading difficult negotiations with Serbia in 2012 that produced an eleventh-hour breakthrough, averting a rapidly brewing crisis over Kosovo. I then helped lead a stunning team effort in which our OSCE Mission in Kosovo organized a highly complex, sensitive election in less than a week.

I am a no-nonsense manager who led a fractious, large (almost 700 international and local staff) mission through a tumultuous period of external crisis and internal budget-cutting.

I am a firm believer in the Arbinger approach to building positive inter-action and avoiding conflict.

I plunge into the job, no matter the difficulties, lack of resources or complexities.

I am a Balkans expert who has applied hard-won lessons to Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti and beyond. This year alone, I have written on issues from the Syria crisis to the Euro crisis, and been published in Foreign Policy,The New York Times, Foreign Affairs and other outlets..

I am a sought-after, compelling speaker and television commentator who can captivate listeners and explain complex international developments.

From war-time Bosnia, where I dealt face-to-face with war crimes indictee General Ratko Mladic while coordinating the evacuation of the Zepa ‘safe area’ to Peshawar, Pakistan where I met privately with Benazir Bhutto less than 24 hours before she was assassinated, I have consistently advanced the goals of my organizations by understanding our role and by searching for solutions.

I can find solutions for your organization’s challenges, whether in the international or domestic arena. Contact me to learn more about my depth and versatility.