Retko ko konstantno izbacuje sveze ideje i podstice na razmisljanje o resavanju kosovskog pitanja kao Ed Dzozef.

Preporucujem da pazljivo procitate ovaj tekst.

"The United States and European Union lack the leverage to close the Kosovo question – the issue that sparked the violent dissolution of Yugoslavia." writes @edwardpjoseph in his latest piece. Read the analysis here:

JUST PUBLISHED: "A Way Out of the Balkans Morass: Restoring US and EU Leverage in the Serbia-Kosovo Dialogue" from @WilsonCenterGEP

Very, very interesting contribution from @edwardpjoseph
Gives a lot of food for thought to people on all sides of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue quagmire...

A Way Out of the #Balkans Morass: Restoring #US and #EU #Leverage in the #Serbia-#Kosovo #Dialogue

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