Break-through dialogue on Libya between senior officials from Tripoli and Tobruk.

It's time to craft a new international compact with the Libyan people that reflects their core demands for local institutional support and national transparency, writes @FPI_SAIS Senior Fellow @edwardpjoseph in an article for

My latest. #brexit The Irony and Tragedy of the Brexit Negotiations Endgame - The American Interest

@CEASSerbia sixth #BelgradeNATOWeek @NATO is approaching, November 8th - 9th. Mr. Edward P. Joseph @edwardpjoseph will be one of the key note speakers on November 8th. Link for the live stream will be available on Nov. 8th. Check out the full agenda

Presenting his book “Eyewitness,” Isak Gasi shares his powerful story during the war in Bosnia. He warns: “If we are not on guard during elections, this is what can happen to ordinary people.” “Systems collapse so quickly. They disappear in a second. Be vigilant!”

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