My condolences to people of Montenegro after yesterday's shocking mass shooting that left at least 11 dead in Cetinje, historic capital. Montenegro has just over 600,000 citizens, translating this tragedy to equivalent massacre of thousands of Americans in single shooting event.

Join Senior Fellow @edwardpjoseph on 18 August at 12pm EST for an FPI #hybrid #event: #Bosnia-Herzegovina in Crisis: A Conversation with former Prime Minister @LagumdzijaZ

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Edward P. Joseph: "Open Balkan minon Procesin e Berlinit"
Edward P. Joseph në intervistë për DW shprehet më tej se nisma i jep më shumë fuqi ekonomike dhe politike Serbisë.
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"President Biden has a strategy for dealing with China that includes staunch and really good allies like India, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. China, itself, is dependent on Taiwan for semiconductors," says @edwardpjoseph on Nancy Pelosi's visit

Nancy Pelosi lands in Taipei, becomes the first US House Speaker to visit Taiwan in 25 years.

@edwardpjoseph joins @Mollygambhir with more insights


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